How to Connect, Set Up, and Use a Sound Bar

The easy way: segments associate with the TV 

Is it true that you are associating your link box, Blu-beam player, amusement reassure, or different parts to your TV? At that point it's a snap to associate and set up a soundbar. The sound bar's job in this situation is essentially to sound superior to your TV speakers. An optical advanced sound link exchanges the sound flag from your TV to the sound bar. You keep on using your TV remote to switch sources. 


Setup tips for optical computerized associations 

  • Deactivate your TV's speakers. From the TV sound menu, you'll either kill the implicit speakers, or select "outer speaker."
  • f your TV can send computerized encompass sound configurations through the optical yield, however your sound bar doesn't translate them, set the TV's advanced sound yield to PCM. 

Situation 2: parts associate with the sound bar 

In the event that you interface your parts to your sound bar, establishment will take somewhat more. The HDMI associations promise you the best solid quality from Blu-beam soundtracks and other multi-channel positions. (That is on the grounds that numerous TVs can't send advanced encompass sound organizations through the optical yield.) 

Setup tips for HDMI associations 

In the event that your TV and sound bar both have a HDMI jack stamped ARC (for sound return station), a solitary HDMI link (form 1.4 or higher) is all you'll require. On the off chance that your TV doesn't have a HDMI/ARC input, you'll require both optical and HDMI associations between the TV and the sound bar. You may need to initiate ARC on your TV.